Times were tough when I was a kid. I was in elementary school when my dad lost his job. Then my parents got divorced. My mom struggled to take care of us kids on her own.
For three years, we lived in an abandoned gas station without running water or electricity. Sometimes we didn’t have enough food to eat, but we got by thanks to help from family, church, and even the government.

     Those were tough times, but I knew it could be different. I never thought being homeless was going to stop me from being who I wanted to be. My parents taught me that if you work really hard, you can make it. I worked really hard, but I still needed a little help.
When I went off to college, I knew I wanted to help other people get their shot at the American dream, because that dream came true for me.

     I owe a large debt to my country. I got my shot, and now it’s my duty to help others get their shot. That’s why I’m announcing my campaign to represent Arizona in the United States Senate. Will you add your name and join my team?
Our country is facing a lot of problems right now, but we can fix these problems if we work together. It’s time to put our country ahead of party, ahead of politics. It’s time to stop fighting and look for common ground.
I promise to give it my all for Arizona, and I know that with you alongside me, Wallace, we can accomplish so much…
Thank you,  Kyrsten…

     I don’t know what you owe to your country but I do know that you and your compatriots owe over twenty trillions of dollars of fraudulent Federal debt alone to a parasitical and oppressive banking system.  I was born in the mid-early 1930s and know something about hardship—hardship that was the consequence of a colossal and deliberate credit contraction by the all powerful and pervasive banking system—which ruined countless people economically, physically and psychologically and created conditions leading to a massive social cataclysm known as the Second World War—which was actually the result of policies formulated and spawned before and after World War One and implemented at the Treaty of Versailles where two blood brothers of the international banking fraternity represented both opposing sides in the post-War financial settlement—a settlement which was designed to provoke the next obscenity, i.e., World War Two.  As the saying goes, wars are a bankers’ holiday—they are the instruments by which nations are  driven and corralled into perpetual debt servitude.

     The American “dream” has been a virtual nightmare for much of America and for the rest of the world. While Lev Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin would expropriate the productive real capital of nations at the point of a machine-gun, the predatory Banking Fraternity has appropriated that capital by placing upon it an eternal and oppressive mortgage in the form of perpetual and ever-expanding financial debt.  You and the world have been robbed of the Abundance and Leisure which is more than possible were the real credit of your nation not only ensured constructive financial activation but the results of such activation fully distributed to the citizens of your nation at large.

     There is no physical justification for poverty, destitution or servitude in either America or the remainder of the industrialized world.  I have been in your country and witnessed pathetic scenes of entirely unjustified, and demoralizing, grinding poverty and decaying infrastructure—even while trillions of dollars is fed into the insatiable maw of America’s military colossus and marauding legions, dispatched at the instigation of treacherous and seditious elements which have insinuated themselves into the highest levels of the apparatus of the American State.

Watch:  Major C.H. Douglas on “Causes of War” - part 1 - YouTube - BBC 1934